Device Physics of Organic Transistors

Organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) are the electronic devices to control the flow of electrons. OFETs can be used for large-area sheet sensors, flexible displays, and wireless IC tags. We develop high-performance OFETs and investigate the mechanisms of the charge transport in OFETs.

Digital Printing of Organic Integrated Circuits

Inkjet printers usually use red, yellow, and blue color inks. Instead, our group fabricates electronic devices such as organic transistors and sensors by printing functional material inks of metals, organic semiconductors, and insulators.

Flexible Sensor Systems

We develop thin, light, flexible, and cost-efficient sensor systems by using organic semiconductors and digital printing. So far, we have developed biosensor patches for wearable health monitoring, flexible proximity sensors and temperature sensors that can be used as artificial skin for robots.

Materials Informatics for Organic Semiconductors

We develop high-performance organic semiconductors by using simulation and machine-learning. Some of the developed softwares are released at softwares page.